About Me


My name is Elizabeth and I thank you for checking out my work! I was born and raised in beautiful California. I have always had a passion for the arts. When I was younger I wanted to be an actress. As I grew up my passion changed when I got a phone call that I should try out modeling.  I just love being able to express myself. I would love to venture into acting eventually 🙂 I enjoy not only being in front of the camera but also behind. I like to art direct shoots and love to help other models as well! I have taken photography classes and hope one day to get the chance to photograph this amazing world we live in!

I am very hard working and dedicated. I will go the extra mile to get things done correctly. People have always said that my positive attitude will get me far in this industry and I believe that to be true. I maintain positivity and pass it on to whomever I see. I am what you would call a spiritual and wanderer of this amazing universe.

A little more about what my goals and dreams are:

I have worked in Austria and hope to work in more countries in the near future! My goal is to become a full time working model in multiple cities across the globe. I would like to expand my knowledge of the fashion industry and meet new people and experience fun and exciting gigs! I work well with others but also do great by myself. You will not regret hiring me as you will get the results you are looking for because that’s my main goal is to make the consumer happy! 🙂